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Unlocking potential in our people, clients and communities

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Corporate Social Responsibility at ADP

ADP is committed to delivering a more human, simple and sustainable business process for all of those we serve. We believe that our vision for corporate social responsibility will attract, engage and retain top talent, bolster continued business performance and conserve environmental resources for our company and our clients.

The resulting financial edge, increased associate engagement scores and positive perceptions among our associates, investors, clients and the market at large will produce a competitive advantage. With powerful software, continuous innovation and a human touch, we pledge to help build a better workforce — for our company, our associates, our clients and our world.

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social responsibility.

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Building a better company — and world.

Find out how ADP is contributing to a more ethical, inclusive society through our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

At ADP, we are dedicated to unlocking potential — not only for our clients and their businesses, but for our people, our communities and our world as a whole. As one of the world’s largest providers of human capital management (HCM) solutions, we have clients, associates, partners, investors and neighbors across the globe — and we have a commitment to each of them to be a conscientious corporate citizen.

All of our stakeholders — clients, associates, partners and investors — trust us to act ethically and responsibly and to meet the highest standards when it comes to conducting business. ADP has a culture based on honoring our commitments and always doing the right thing. In fact, it is the first of our company’s core values: Integrity Is Everything.



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