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Pursuing racial justice and equality

Taking action and welcoming everyone

Our commitment to racial justice and equality includes taking action to fight injustice, engaging in candid conversations and welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds. We want to ensure that everyone who works at White & Case is encouraged, supported and inspired to do their best, while feeling like they belong here. 

Recruiting top talent 

We strive to attract and recruit talented individuals from all backgrounds and continually look for new ways to search for talent. This includes partnering with external organizations such as Rare Recruitment, Black Men in Law and WCAN to help us improve our diversity efforts and broaden our representation of different ethnicities and races. We also look at new technologies such as virtual interviewing platforms and online learning programs to attract and engage with broader talent pools.  

Programs to support development, advancement and retention 

We’re passionate about cultivating the best talent into future leaders. Our programs include mentoring and sponsorship to provide talented individuals with support and learning opportunities to advance and develop lawyers and business services colleagues with a broad variety of backgrounds and abilities. 

A culture that welcomes and celebrates individuality

We focus on learning opportunities and programs to ensure our work environment has a place for everyone. This includes our series of candid conversations, unconscious bias and antiracism training, and workshops for inclusive leadership and allyship. We also mark a range of cultural and historic dates through our educational programming, including Black History Months, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Hispanic History Month, Ramadan, Diwali and Passover.

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