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ESG & Sustainable Investment

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in the decisions of investors, companies, consumers, shareholders and policy- and lawmakers. The broadly supported awareness for the Environmental Social and Governance (‘ESG’) objectives is reflected in many international voluntary standards as well as in an increasing number of European regulations to mobilise financing for sustainable growth.

Compliance with these new and often complex regulations may be challenging for companies, especially those active in the financial sector. However, sustainable finance offers companies the opportunity to make an appropriate contribution to sustainability. The financial sector is instrumental to move towards a more sustainable economy. This ESG compliance poses strategic and operational challenges for the financial sector but will definitely create market opportunities for those who are able to adapt faster.

We look forward to embarking with our clients on a journey to a more sustainable economy. With our broad local and international networks, our strong relationships with supervisory bodies and our combined extensive expertise in financial regulations, debt capital markets, energy law, financings, corporate governance and tax, we are in a position to accompany you in this changing financial landscape.

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